1. I’m not receiving any search results for my query.
    First and forth, ensure that you have activated at least 1 download source. In addition, you will need to manage the download sources using the “manage sources” option beneath the search box. Just in case, you are not getting any result – then you should make a try to delete cache of your browser and refresh the webpage and search once again.
    1. I can’t enable or disable a download source. 
      For enabling or disabling a download source, you will require deleting browser cache and refresh the web-page. If still this would not work, you should write us an email via our contact form.
      1. What should I do? Whenever I click download, I get an error message and no file. 
        In this case, you should send us the error code using our contact form. And, we will give our 100% to check the issues and sooner will get back to you with resolution.
        1. I am not receiving any result on download source yandex. 
          Every so often, you need to repeat the search 4-5 times to get results from yandex. Even then, you do not get the results at that point you should attempt for another download source.
          1. I am facing trouble to save the downloaded file on my Apple device.
            Sadly, you can’t save file on iPhone or iPad, this service is not obtainable on iPhone. However, you can save the file to your Dropbox and can stream from there. To save the file to Dropbox, you need to click on the option “Save to cloud”. Afterwards, you need to select “Dropbox” and follow the commands.